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Application Template

Post by Barathir on Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:21 pm

-IMPORTANT- : Please use this template when you make your applications

Subject : Name - Guild - Class/Spec
Example : Barathir Aeon Protection Paladin

Character Name:
Guild :
Class :
Your armory link :
Spec (xx/xx/xx and generalized please) :
Professions :
End game experience :
Average playtime per day :
Timezone :
Age :

1. Have you read the rules? Do you agree with them? Is the loot distribution clear to you?
2. Can you dedicate 2 days per week or more?
3. Does your guild know you will be with us?
4. What are the reasons that lead you to apply here?
5. Do you have any other alts? What level are they? Do you plan to swap them?
6. The spec you posted above is the current one or the one used to raid? Do you plan to change specs soon?
7. Are you close/meet the gear requirements?
8. The most important thing in the team is friendship. It is often said that raiders are a bunch of players that sacrifice fun for progress. This team does not intend to do such. Fun is a priority and while we will be more dedicated than in 5-mans we will not become hardcore raiders. We are working people and the game must remain a game. Are you willing to accept that?

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