Chapter One: The baptism of Fire, Karazhan Medhiv's Tower

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Chapter One: The baptism of Fire, Karazhan Medhiv's Tower

Post by Barathir on Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:39 pm

After the first brave heroes entered the team High Lord Bolvar called the Grand Master of the Knighthood and gave him his first mission before the team was even full. He was to enter the Dark tower of Medhiv and assist the Violet Eye in cleansing it from the evil. The battle begun and one by one the fould denizens of the Tower were cleansed

For each monster slain the Knighthood grew stronger and the forces of darkness despaired

As Legend tells those were the Denizens that faces oblitaration by the Heroes!

Attunemen the Huntsman

Moroes the Servant

Maiden of Virtue

Opera Event(Wizard of Oz)

And they rallied one last time by the banner of Lordaeron. And by the cry "This is the hour of doom" they died one by one...For Lordaeron. For Freedom

Scribe Mathyas ,-The Last Hours of Lordaeron-

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