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The Rules

Post by Barathir on Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:04 pm

Yes rules. Many hate them, all need them. While we may succeed here and there as a mob, getting any serious progress requires some rules set and accepted. This is only a draft and as things work/dont work out they are bound to change


This is a group of people that want to raid. These people do not want to leave their cool guild and friends but also are uneasy and want to see some of the end-game content. There is no guild prefferance nor are banned guilds. A player's past life is his own. Players will be judged on their attitude in the team and not by their previous stories or their guild. Whatever the reasons for your bad reputation will be left at the door. The future of each player is his to make from the time he makes his application

The team will have a set number of players which is to be decided. We are aiming towards 30~35 people. We are going to Karazhan in the beginning and aspire to fight in 25 mans soon. The basic team make up will consist of dedicated tanks(who will tank only), dedicated healers(who will heal only), dedicated dps and finally hybrids which can switch roles for certain encounters in each boss. The make up we aspire to is 1/3/2 and the rest dps for Kara. When 25 mans are on the schedule each player will more or less have a standard role in the team.

Last, while gear is not the most important aspect of raiding you do understand that a severely undergeared team is a doomed team. No amount of skill can save a team if the healers are healing with 500 or the tanks are with 9k health. So there are some gear requirements to be accepted. They are not high, meaning that if you generally did care for your character you have the minimums, nor are they strict, people can and will be accepted with less.


Bad attidude, Ninja-looting, excessive swearing are strictly forbidden into and out of the team. If you are accused of such and found guilty you will be kicked from the team. The team is going to be a team of friends so if you arent a friendly player dont even try it.

If you want to raid TBC instances then you will do it in the team. Going with another team is not allowed for the raids the team is attempting. If you want to raid other instances inform the officers.

However have in mind that by the time we attempt them you are bound to the team

Raid times

We will try to run raid every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays(though if some want we can make runs even then). Invites will start at 19:45 each day and the raid will finish by 2300. It can be prolonged by a raid vote but only in exceptional ocassions.

Each player has to participate at least 2 days in the week. We will ask what days you are avaible at the end of each week.
The team composition that will raid each week will be posted in forums Tuesday night. All players are requested to inform us of their availability before each Monday and untill 2100. For signing up officers will post a specific topic for each week detailing Teams,days and times


Invites will begin 15 minutes before the raid. We are all expected fully repaired and with all the consumables,ammo or reagents we need. If you are not on line at the time then a replacement will be used

Buy all the consumables you need and Read tactics. Yes it costs gold and time, but that is raiding. Remember that your raid-mates are also fully equipped, have spent time reading and have probably lost hours to grind gold for the consumable so if we wipe because someone wasnt fully equipped or read then these people lost their money/time for nothing.

The players that tank will move at their own pace. They are not required to check for mana. If you need mana then ask for a mana break

We all need a break and sometimes something out of program happens. However try to keep your afk time in check. We dont mind a AFK period for an emergency but consistent(and unannounced) afk periods will not be kindly looked to


Let us be honest with ourselves. None of us is above an epic item and all of us cheer at the random epic we get in a run. BUT! If your only reason to come to each raid is to get an epic then I have to disappoint you....You wont. There will be raids that you will get only repair bills. There will be raids you will lose all rolls. This is life. This is raiding. Accept it

To the rules now

We dont care whether you are a Squire(in trial) or a Knight. You are on the team in battle? You are allowed to loot.

I dont like the DKP system and I will try to avoid it. As long as we are civil and no problems occur no DKP system will occur. You were at the raid? You help at the boss/mob that dropped the loot? You are entitled to roll for it

The loot system used will be the master loot. With Need/Greed on mind. Players will roll for an item that is useful to their main spec. and for only one item per raid with the exception of tier or very class specific items. Our task is to gear the team and not individual members.


An item drops. Main-spec players will roll for it. If no Main-spec wants then off-spec roll. Cloth is priority to mages/priests(druids next,then to shaman), leather to rogues/druids(then to shaman/hunter), mail to shaman/hunters. Paladins and warriors have lower priority as they can also roll on plate which no other class can roll . If none wants the item is DE'ed(if possible) and raid-rolled.

Also remember that there might be an ocassional mistake. A hand slip and the item goes to a wrong player. Do not cause trouble. We will mail a GM and the rightful player will get the item.

These are the rules for the time being. Read them carefully please

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