Prologue:The Formation

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Prologue:The Formation

Post by Barathir on Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:21 am

In 26 December the Knights of Azeroth raiding community were born. With aspirations of greater glory the foundations of the chapter were born.
The first members of the team were gathered from the creator's immediate circle of friends, companions of trust and skill. They were Barathir,Brightpearl,Derienthor. This would be the start of a greater adventure they hoped and prepare the hard work of organising the team.
The ranks filled slowly and by 11 January the team was ready for their first battle.

And they rallied one last time by the banner of Lordaeron. And by the cry "This is the hour of doom" they died one by one...For Lordaeron. For Freedom

Scribe Mathyas ,-The Last Hours of Lordaeron-

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